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About Us

Always the animal lover, Sandra begged her parents for a dog since the day she learned to talk.  Giving in to her wishes (somewhat), Sandra was presented with a grey tabby cat, "Silver". A welcome addition of course however she kept dreaming about the day she would have a dog too! At the tender age of ten, Sandra convinced her parents that it was finally time to get that dog!  After many visits to the shelters, Sandra picked her new best friend.  “Caviar” was a 10 month old black Labrador Retriever, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd mix.  Sandra personally trained Caviar in obedience and agility even at such a young age. 
Since her childhood days, Sandra's love of animals continued to grow.  She got into competitive horseback riding, volunteered at the Humane Society, and Sandra and her dogs have been seen participating in herding, agility, flyball, pet therapy, conformation, disc dog and obedience.  Always thirsty for knowledge, Sandra began researching the pet food industry after her second dog, 8 month old Australian Shepherd "Rolex" got sick.  Sandra found that by providing Rolex with the proper diet nature intended, she was able to nurse Rolex back to full health.   Now Sandra is a breeder of award winning Australian Shepherds and is committed to rescuing homeless dogs and cats (in addition to her Australian Shepherds, her own family is made up of 2 rescued cats, a rescued Dalmatian and a rescued German Shorthair Pointer mix).  
A member of the Australian Shepherd Club of America, the Canadian National Australian Shepherd Association, 1000 Island Dock Dog Club and the Canadian Kennel Club, a Director (ASCA Affiliate) for Uherders, Secretary for the Australian Shepherd Club of Ontario (ASCO), and a volunteer and foster home for Aussie Rescue Placement Hotline, Inc. in Ontario (ARPH) and Bullies in Need, Sandra is committed to providing an easy way for people to shop for the best products for their pets.
Sandra is a lawyer member of the Ontario Bar Association, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer/Behavior Therapist with Canine Communications Studies Inc. and is a graduate of Pets Beautiful Grooming School. .  After practicing family law for a short time, Sandra realized that her calling was to work with animals.  It was a vision of Sandra's for some time to blend her passion for pets with a business opportunity. Thus, the creation of Paradise Hound.
The products found on Paradisehound.ca conform to her overall vision of providing healthy, nutritious and top quality foods and products for pets.  Sandra stands behind her products 100%.  If you are interested in any of the products she carries, but do not want to pay delivery charges, Sandra is happy to provide referrals to stores that carry the same products.  It's not just about making money that has led Sandra to start Paradisehound.ca.  The goal is to provide the very best pet products at the click of your fingertips.  Sandra is always available to discuss the right food options for your pet, so please do not hesitate to drop her a line!

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